Professional voice over services in Tokyo!

Professional voice over services in Tokyo!

Professional voice over services in Tokyo, from simple voice over to one-stop package solution for your project!



Edited voice over in English (for orders over 10 min) - $27/1 min.
Edited voice over in English (for orders over 60 min) - $11/1 min.
Turnaround time: 1-3 days


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Voice over services in Tokyo

Voice over services in TokyoEveryone wants their business to stand out. Going global is the biggest dream of every organization. In order to be able to advertise your brand or company tin a foreign country you have to know the peculiarities of the native language. Learning a new language might be hard for you but our native voice over service can substitute long hours in a language school.

If you are looking forward to moving your business to Tokyo Great-Voices studio can offer very useful services. We have the best Japanese native speaker talent database. They have been trained to provide you the best translations and Japanese voiceover for your audio and video files. Whether it is a movie trailer, TV show, commercial, audio book, e-learning course, IVR or a documentary you can trust us to provide you top quality and accuracy at every step.

Our experts will perfectly analyze your file before they can start to record your voice over. Localisation of any language into Japanese is very complex. Our professionals know how to manage different challenges and when you receive the final recording, you will be amazed to see how perfectly they have accomplished the task.

Many of our voice talents are real professionals in voice acting so your emotional message will be perfectly clear to your audience. If you want your show or movie dubbed in Japanese simply let us know and the selected voice talent will do the voice over that will convey the exact emotions to make your viewers cry or laugh.

Why Great-Voices studio is the best place to order VO in Tokyo

We have the ideal management style and perfect communication skills that allow our agency to build strong relations with all our customers. We make sure that all our clients are satisfied with the services that we provide.

In order to win the competition among numerous agencies in Tokyo we have equipped our studio with high-tech equipment. We know the most efficient audio recordingtechniques for pre- and post-production to bring you excellent results.

Our versatile team of audio and video professionals can provide you with the following services:

•​ Audio onto video lay-back

•​ Translation of captions and info graphics

•​ Japanese subtitling

•​  Our rates are affordable and you will get your delivery within 24-48 hours.

•​ We will select the best narrators to meet your needs and specific project requirements

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