About Us

With just a single sound editor and a few voice actors, Great Voices had one customer only in 2008. That customer provided a steady stream of work and challenging projects, and their still one of our faithful clients today! We continued to learn and grow as we completed more and more projects, always providing top quality recordings and satisfying our customer’s needs. Soon we branched out to other companies, made new contracts and our business expanded. But we gave the same customer experience to our clients as if they were the one keeping us together. 

We then began searching for interpreters and voice talents from all over the world. It eventually grew into a database with over 2000 top-quality actors. We had the resources to tackle any kind of project, from professional movie dubbing and sound mixing to software and video game localization. No matter whether it as a simple tight-budget voice recording or a complex IVR system or long e-learning project, we were ready to deliver incredible results.
Our team of professional translators, sound mixer and video producers are spread across the globe from New York to London and to Moscow. We want you to have the best voiceover experience you can find in the world and we aim to satisfy your narration needs to the fullest.

Our Great Team

Taylor Stevenson
Founder and CEO
Sofia Sadekova
Co-founder and Head of Eastern Branch
Mark Cohen
Head of Western Branch
Kenneth Olsen
Head of Operations
Eugenie Tiersen
Senior Accountant
Emilia Pinchuk
Project Coordinator
Eva Neyman
Project Coordinator
Irene Jacob
Sales Manager
Mike Brown
Sound Engineer
Alex Breuer
Sound Engineer