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Professional voice over for your animation!

Professional voice over for your animation!

Order voice over for your animation from us and we will produce the PERFECT recording within 24 hours! Call us!

Why choose us? Here are four good reasons:

  •  We are the perfect one-stop solution for any animation voice over project.
    Here you can get the full production process, including audio creation and translation services.
  •  We have a broad choice of professional voice talents –
    more than 2,000 voice actors speaking 110+ languages.
  •  We offer the best rates on the market for professional voiceover services!
  •  And, as you’ve already seen above, when you order voiceover that’s ten or more minutes long, we make one trial minute FREE – even before payment!

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 Standard voiceover rates

Below are the basic rates for our voiceover services for animation projects.
Prices are quoted in American dollars for one minute of end-product when ordering ten or more minutes.
If you need a longer voiceover, please ask us for a detailed estimate.

Voice over in English (from 10 min) - $27/1 min.
Voice over in English (from 60 min) - $11/1 min.
Turnaround time: 1-3 days


Watch samples of our voiceover for animation projects

Watch and find out what our end-product looks like. If you need more examples of fully edited voiceover for animation projects, ask us now!


What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase "animated film"? The first is, of course, cartoons. A large number of them are released every year - from short films to series. However, this is not the only product that exists on the market. In addition to cartoons, corporate, commercial and social animation films as well as educational videos are popular now. Therefore, the area of application for sound animation is very wide.

It is in animation that the voice plays an important role, because the video sequence can be not only colourful and dynamic, but also quite minimalistic, and only due to the charming voice may the character seem "alive" and "natural". For example, as in the well-known and so much loved by children "Peppa Pig".

The number of views, earnings from screenings and the popularity of an animated film all directly depend on the quality of the voice acting, on whether the audience will buy the voiceover. After all, the voice can both enliven and make any character bright and memorable, and spoil even the most exciting video sequence with fake acting. Therefore, it is very important to use a voice artist with experience in voice-over animation, who will masterfully play the role of any character and will be able to voice it as "vividly" as possible.

You can record the voice-over from scratch when creating an animated film or when translating it from the original language, this process is called localization. Often, full professional dubbing of animated films is easier than feature films because the actor does not need to do any lip-syncing. It is important that native speakers participate in the process of localizing an animated film because the peculiarities of a foreign language can affect the intonation of the speech and other subtleties of voice-over recording. In our company you can order not only dubbing, but also professional translation of the text.

We know everything about voice-over recording and have a wealth of experience in this field, so if you want find perfect voice talents and record the voice-over of a children's short/full-length animated film, TV series or video for YouTube, or order the localization of a ready-made film, we will gladly take over the entire process of its voice-over recording, from the voice casting stage to the delivery of a ready-made audio track.

Voices for cartoons. Animation types and cartoon voice over features

The nature of the voice-over of different types of animated films will differ, because they pursue different goals and objectives:

  • Animation for kids is distinguished by an increase in emotionality and accuracy in the portrayal of characters’ personalities.
  • Educational animation should clearly communicate the information in a voice pleasant to listen to. Intonation should be used correctly to aid in the interpretation of the recording.
  • Commercial advertising animation should arouse the consumer's interest in the product and encourage him to make a purchase.
  • Corporate animation should inspire pride and rally staff around the company's corporate values.
  • Social advertising videos are designed to encourage people to think and to make them more conscious of the environment and other pressing problems of societ


Let’s take a closer look at the distinctive features of children’s animated films and educational video clips, which also happen to be the two most popular types of animation.

Voices for animation. Features of cartoon voice acting

When creating children's animated films, a special and very important place is occupied by the voice acting of the characters. We recognize the voices of our favorite cartoon heroes from childhood even with our eyes closed, and we can recite their lines by heart. The character’s voice tells the audience about his character, mood, appearance, habits and other characteristics.

Getting used to the character for animation voice over

Children are perhaps the most demanding audience, they immediately hear falsehood and will not watch the cartoon if they do not like the characters. That is why one of the distinguishing features of voicing children's animations is the need for the voice talents to get used to mirroring the image of their character. At the same time, exaggerated diction is required in order for the timbre and tonality of the voice to fully convey the personality of the cartoon character.

Recording the voiceover of the cartoon before creating the video

Often, the animation film is dubbed before the video is created. This is due to the fact that the voice talents need to lip-sync and this is easier to do when the cartoon character's speech in the video is created based on the existing audio recordings of his lines. The convincing acting of voice actors often inspires animators to create truly "lively" and attractive characters. Therefore, the voice acting process has a great affect on how memorable an animated film will turn out.

Voices for cartoons: options for animation voice acting

Children's voices - To record the voice acting of children's cartoons, children's voices are often used, however, despite a fairly large base, they are not so easy to pick up. Children grow up fast, and voices change, so we monitor the relevance and constantly update our voice bank.

Voice actors imitating children's voices - There are many skilled voice talents who can also successfully change the timbre and tone of their voice, making it kind of "cartoonish" for voicing a wide variety of characters. Usually, these are women, although there are also men, there are much fewer of them.

Songs in cartoons

Often it may be necessary to perform songs that are characterized by incendiary and emotional performances in children's animations. For such purposes, professional voice actors or movie and pop stars may be invited to record songs and voice-over for popular cartoons.

You can find examples of various types of voiceover for animation on our website.

Features of educational videos dubbing

Unlike animated films, educational videos are usually voiced using the voice of a single narrator. At the same time, the voice should be calm, with logically placed pauses, there is no need for any acting.

Voiceover works in combination with the video sequence and should present different types of information in the most efficient way depending on the complexity of the information in the video clips. Here there is no need to do any lip-syncing. The voiceover should just be synced with the parts of the video sequence that it describes.

The process of creating voice over for cartoons in our company

Stages of work

You might wonder how to voice over a cartoon. The voice-over process will depend on the type of animated film and the type of voice-over, but in general it consists of several stages:

  • voice casting
  • creating timecode for the script
  • synchronization of audio recording with the video sequence
  • voice-over recording
  • mixing audio tracks
  • sound track processing and selection of sound effects
  • editing of the final audio track
  • mixing audio and video tracks


We can step in at any stage and takeover the work to bring your plan to fruition. Let's look at each of the localisation and voice over services more carefully.

Selection of voices for animation or casting (optional)

After reading the script, you need to choose the appropriate voices for the characters in the video. You can choose them yourself from our database, or we can provide a selection of several suitable voices based on our experience.

-For projects starting from 10 minutes, we will make a free custom demo recording with each voice up to one minute. When you hear exactly how your text will sound, it will be easier for you to choose the right voice-

Voiceover recording

When organizing the voice-over process, the director and the actors may be located in different parts of the world, but this does not prevent us from organizing high-quality remote communication that enables the director to help the actor choose the right intonation when doing the voice-over. After all, to record the same line, it may take more than one take, this gives the sound engineer the chance to later choose the most expressive and most suitable version.

Synchronization of audio recording with video sequences

Subsequently, the sound engineer synchronizes the recorded tracks with the video sequence so that the lines fit into the scenes.

Mixing audio tracks

The recorded tracks of different characters are combined into a single audio track, which will then be synchronized with the video

Sound track processing and selection of sound effects

Our skilled sound engineer watches the video and selects the sounds and musical compositions that best match the events in the video. We can do this either at our discretion or according to your criteria.

-We provide a license for all music tracks, so you will never have problems with copyrights and checks from Content ID-

Editing the final audio track

Voice tracks, sound effects and music are combined into a single audio track. We provide the finished track for you to check. You can listen to it directly from our cloud storage. If required, we will make the necessary corrections before delivering the final track.

Hardware requirements

ForWhat is required of you

You will be required to provide the source files in a specific format: the text script of the cartoon, the lines of the characters and the description of their peculiarities.

What you will get

As a result, you will receive a turnkey voice over recording - a voiced, processed and mixed music track for a future animated film.

What else we can voice for you

Our voice over services are perfect for you if you want to create or localize:

  •  YouTube videos for kids
  • TV shows for children
  • Audio fairy tales for children
  • Video games
  • Video clips
  • TV ads
  • Corporate videos
  • Social ads
  • Commercial videos
  • e-Learning courses and elearning videos for kids
  • Online games for kids

The cost of professional voice over services for cartoons

How much does voiceover for animated films cost? First of all, the price of voice acting depends on the type of animated film and the required type of voice acting. The number and qualification of the actors involved is of great importance. Since the work of celebrities can cost many times more than the work of ordinary voice actors, this will also affect the price, especially if you have to involve several people.

The total time of voice-over can also vary from a few minutes to several hours, and therefore the cost of voice-over will also change.

The customer should also keep in mind that any urgent voiceover service costs more than a regular one.

You can order a number of additional voice over services from us, this will slightly increase the cost, but at the same time you will get the best results. Don't forget that ordering voice over services from us you "buy" attention and love of your audience which can not be cheap. We know everything about how to put a voiceover on animation.

Our additional services except animation voice over

We have a large staff of professionals, so we can offer additional services to voice-over that you can buy from us such as:

  • Writing script text
  • Translation of text into foreign languages
  • Voice processing after recording
  • Processing and mixing of additional audio tracks


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