Professional voice over for your for your IVRs and voicemail!

Professional voice over for your for your IVRs and voicemail!

Order voice over for your company phone system from us and we will produce the PERFECT recording within 24 hours! Call us!

Why should you order a voiceover for your IVRs, voicemail and on-hold messages with us? Here are four good reasons:

We are the perfect one-stop solution for any IVR, voicemail and on-hold message voiceover project.
Here you can get the full production process, including audio creation and translation services.
We have a broad choice of professional voice talents –
more than 1,000 voice actors speaking 73 languages.
We offer the best rates on the market for professional voiceover services!

And, as you’ve already seen above, when you order voiceover that’s ten or more minutes long, we make one trial minute FREE – even before payment!

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Standard rates for IVR, voicemail or on-hold message voiceover

Additional options:

- Script writing
- Translation and proofreading of your script by a native speaker
- Converting files into your specified format
- Background music
- Cutting and tagging
Below are the basic rates for our voiceover services for IVR, voicemail or on-hold message recordings. Prices are quoted in American dollars for one minute of end-product. If you need a longer voiceover, please ask us for a detailed estimate.

Voice over in English (60 sec) - $150
Voice over in other languages (60 sec) - from $180
Turnaround time: 1-3 days


Listen to samples of our voiceover for IVR, voicemail and on-hold message projects

Listen and find out what our end-product looks like. If you need more examples of fully edited voiceover for IVR, voicemail and on-hold message projects, ask us now!.


What does the process of creating voiceovers for your IVR look like? It couldn’t be simpler! 


You place your orderWe tell you
the exact cost
You make your paymentAnd so to production. . .You get
a great product!


You can get a detailed and precise calculation of the cost and turnaround time for your order right now!
Just fill out the form and our specialists will contact you and answer all your questions as soon as possible.