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Voice over for Youtube channels in any language!

Voice over for Youtube channels in any language!


Why choose us? Here are four good reasons:

  •  We have already voiced over 10K minutes of Youtube video in 15 languages
  •  We individually select the best voice actors for your channel
  •  We produce ready-made videos exactly when you need them
  •  We find solutions that fit your budget!

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Examples of our localizations for Youtube channels

These channels are voiced entirely by our company. If you would like to see more examples, our managers will gladly provide them!

How to voice over your Youtube channel in a different language?

Let’s take the most common case, which is when the owners of the channel already have plenty of content voiced in thier native language and now they plan to create a separate localized channel in a new language, for example in Spanish or Arabic. In this case the following steps need to be taken for each video in order to get high-quality videos with new voice over.

  1. Creating a script in a foreign language
    • Transcription with time code and recommendations on the intonation
    • Translation by native speakers
  2. Creating a voice track
    • Recording of all the characters
    • Mixing into a single voice track synched with video
  3. Creating a final video clip
    • Creating an audio track with music and sound effects
    • Mixing all audio tracks with video
    • Subtitle editing
  4. Proof viewing for defects by a native speaker


Some of these steps can be skipped, for example, if you already have a script, then transcription is not required. If there is a ready-made separate track with music and effects, then it can be simply mixed into a new video. Subtitles are also not always needed. However, more work may be required, for example, if you would like to reduce the length of a new video then the script needs to be reconstructed. We provide all these services as an end-to-end solution at a high professional level!


Youtube channel voice over and localization process

Now, all the steps in detail.

Transcription - The video is watched carefully and all the phrases are written down. Each phrase gets a number, a time code, a character, its text, and an emotion.


00:00:01 -> 00:00:02

MaxJoyfulYes! Finally we are home!!!
200:00:04 -> 00:00:05Max and KatySurprisedWow!!!

Translation - Translation from and to languages other than English is usually done in two steps: The first step is when the script is translated into English and the second step is when the English script is translated into the final language. For example, if the original video is in Koren and the final video needs to be in Spanish, the sequence will be like this - Korean->English->Spanish.

Recording of voice tracks - First of all, you need to choose voices for all the characters. For each character we will offer several voice talents to choose from, and the clients pick the ones they like the most. For medium and large-sized projects we always offer a free custom demo (up to 1 minute) to demonstrate each voice. This way you will be able to hear how your video sounds with new voices before making the final choice. When voice actors are chosen we can start recording.

If the order is big and a lot of clips are going to be voiced, we first create one pilot clip. We record all the voice tracks, mix them, add music and sound effects, render the video and pass it to you for evaluation. Next, we make all corrections as per your comments, in order to achieve results that you will be completely happy with. This pilot video clip is later used as a reference for everyone involved in the process: voice actors, sound engineer and video editor.

To provide the highest quality, our voice actors always watch each video clip, delve into the essence of what is happening, get into their characters, read the scripts several times, and only then start recording. A voice actor always has a monitor in front of him, where the studio engineer displays both the script and the video. If necessary, the voice actor makes several takes of each phrase to achieve the desired emotions, expressiveness and timing. It is especially important for amusement, gaming and kids videos, where the audience is attracted not just by a visual but also by a bright audio presentation.

The voice tracks from all the actors are mixed into a single voice track which is synchronized with the video.

Creating a track with music and sound effects - The sound engineer watches the video and selects sounds that help create an atmosphere which is appropriate for each action or situation. We can do the selection of sounds completely on our own and only provide you with the finished result for evaluation, or we can follow your instructions. Also, the sound engineer selects his own musical composition for each video episode and makes smooth transitions from one melody to another. We provide a license for all the music tracks, so you will never have problems with copyrights and verification from Content ID.

Editing of subtitles - Some videos require subtitles, for example, for children's songs, so that the young viewer can sing along with the heroes of the video. We will add subtitles to your video with the desired effects, appropriate size and font.

Mixing with the video - Tracks of voices, sound effects and music are mixed with video to produce the final product in the form of a localized video.

We provide the finished video in HD quality for you to check. You can watch it directly from our cloud storage. We can make corrections and final touches if necessary and we can also give you the video in 4K quality.

Proof viewing by a native speaker - As the last step in quality control, we recommend having a native speaker check the video. You can obviously do it by yourself, but if you do not know the corresponding language, then it will be extremely difficult for you to understand if there is a mistake or a slip of the tongue especially for non-European languages, such as Arabic and Indonesian. Since possible bloopers can affect the viewer's decision to subscribe to your channel or not, we advise you not to save money at this stage, besides, it is inexpensive)

After the proof viewing stage the final localized video is ready to be posted on your Youtube channel!

How much is YouTube channel voice over and localization?

The cost of localization depends on several factors. Firstly, each channel is unique and has different requiremnts which determine the type of localization. Secondly, there are several options for solving each dubbing task. Let's take a closer look at what affects the cost of localization.

Video content - whether it is going to be simple voice-over or time-synced recording depends on whether there are people or characters in the frame who need to be voiced or whether there is only a voice over narrator. There is also a third option - dubbed translation with lipsync, but it is almost never used for YouTube videos, it is almost exclusively used in feature films. Voiceover is inexpensive and easy to implement, however synchronized voiceover is more expensive and time consuming.

Speech density - The average word count per minute in a video can vary greatly from one channel to the next. The cost of voice acting per minute is proportional to the density of the speech.

Number of speakers - The larger the number of voice talents involved in the voice acting, the higher the price. The cheapest option is a single voice talent and simple voiceover. If there are many different actors in the video, then the only two options left will be having each person voiced by a different voice talent or having all the roles voiced by one voice talent who will change his voice with each character. However, there are many intermediate options in between. We recommend dubbing a maximum of 2-3 roles by one speaker; the quality of voice acting from one speaker will decrease with an increase in the number of roles. Also, one of the options for reducing the price can be the processing of the voice by a sound engineer who will raise or lower the voice, make it cartoonish, etc. This will allow you to use fewer speakers, but achieve a variety of voices.

Children's voices - Children play a major role in many children's channels, so the correct voice-over recording of their voices can be the deciding factor on whether the channel will be popular with new foreign audiences. There are two approaches and both of them have pros and cons. The first is to have the voice-over recording done by real child actors. The second is to have adult voice talents imitate children's voices. The advantages of the first approach are obvious - a real child's voice is the most suitable for children's videos and will sound organic. Cons - higher cost, longer recording times, the likelihood of a break in the voice acting. The point is that it takes more effort for children to make a quality recording than for adults. Children get tired faster, they need more takes and more breaks while recording. Children are accompanied to the studio by their parents or other adult relatives; their time also affects the price. Children generally have less recording time as they spend a lot of time at school and doing their homework. Children are also more likely to get sick and this can affect the time it takes to finish the recording. The advantages of imitation are lower cost, more predictable recording time, fewer risks in general. Cons - a picky viewer may notice that the video does not sound like a real child, but the main audience of such channels is also children, and the general impression and an interesting plot are more important to them than the perfect match of the voice. We use and equally recommend both approaches, you can choose any, depending on your preferences and goals.

Languages - The language you decide to translate your channel to will also affect the price. If we take, for example, those languages ​​that have the largest audience on Youtube, then voice acting in English will be the cheapest, the more expensive languages ​​are Spanish and Portuguese, and even more expensive are Arabic, Hindi, and Chinese.

Songs - Song recording is even more complex and more creative than speech recording thats why a different pricing approach is taken when calculating the cost of songs. Each song is assessed separately, depending on the complexity of the performance and the number of singers. Also, if you do not yet have the lyrics of a song in a foreign language, but have them in the original language, and you want to translate the song while keeping the melody, then this is certainly a more complicated process than just translating the lyrics. In this case, a translator who specializes in poetry and songs is required and will be able to essentially write a new song in a foreign language while preserving the meaning so that it fits the original in size, rhythm and intonation.

Volume - The volume of a one-time order greatly affects the price. Let's take, for example, two cases - the localization of one three-minute video in English and the localization of 15 videos with a total timing of 60 minutes in several languages. The cost of localizing the source video per minute for these two cases can differ significantly. Of course, you need to take into account all the factors that we have described above, but all other things being equal, the larger the order volume, the lower the average price per minute. We can offer a significant discount on regular orders. For instance, if you plan to gradually transfer the content of your main channel to a new channel, or upload your new videos in several languages ​​at once.

Native or non-native speakers?? - For voice-over recording in foreign languages, we offer our clients only voice talents who are native speakers of the language. Only in this case can you guarantee the authenticity of the sound and the absence of an accent, which is necessary to win over a foreign audience. In any other case, there will inevitably be an accent, which will result in the entire video looking unprofessional and cheap. Even if the speaker knows a foreign language perfectly well, for example, he has lived in the froeign country for a long time, an accent will still be present in his speech. Therefore, we never skimp on quality, and use only speakers for whom the required language is native. An exception may be those cases when the plot precisely requires accented pronounciation. For example, this is often the case when a video in English language advertises foreign products to a English-speaking audience (Italian pasta, German cars), and a corresponding accent is intentionally adopted to create an atmosphere and charm.

Conclusion - As you can see, there are many factors that affect such a laborious and creative process as video localization for Youtube, so we approach each order purely individually. We will be happy to advise you on any issues related to localization, and calculate the cost of your order for you, taking into account all the features!

The most popular languages ​​on YouTube

English has been and remains the most popular language on YouTube, about 20% of all views are generated in the United States, which means that it has a huge potential audience, number of views and subscribers.

Chinese is the most spoken language on earth, and the second most used language on the Internet. Moreover, the presence of Chinese on the Internet is constantly increasing. Chinese language is in fact a collection of dialects, among which the standard is Standard Chinese, in which we recommend dubbing your channel. It is also called Modern Standard Mandarin.

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese and the third most used language on the Internet. Most Spanish speaking countries are located in Central and South America that's why we recommend choosing Latin American Spanish rather than Castilian Spanish for voice-over recording. Also important is the fact that 16% of US residents consider Spanish as their first language and the United States is the most desirable audience for a vlogger.

Arabic is the official language in 25 countries and is spoken by over 420 million people. The Arabic-speaking Internet and YouTube audience is very active and ever-growing, which is why Arabic is one of the hottest languages ​​on YouTube right now The Arabic language is not homogeneous, there are many accents, in order for your video to be understood by the widest possible audience, we recommend using The Modern Arabic Literary Language (fuṣ-ḥā, fusha).

Hindi is a language spoken and understood not only by the people of India, but also by a huge diaspora around the world, including the USA and Great Britain. At the moment, more than 600 million Indians have access to the Internet, this is a huge and promising online market.

Portuguese is not only Portugal, but also Brazil, which is both a growing market and a growing Internet audience. At the moment, it is the fifth most widely used language on the Internet and the second by the number of YouTube users!

Indonesian - As of 2019, Indonesia has 107 million internet users, making Indonesian the sixth most widely used language on the internet. In addition, according to experts, this number is going to grow annualy by a staggering 10 million.

Korean - Korea has the fastest internet in the world! Korean users are very active and consume a lot of video content because they practically have no restrictions. The popularity of YouTube in Korea is constantly growing, the number of hours viewed is increasing dramatically from year to year, this is mainly due to a very young audience.

Russian - Last but not least, we must not forget about the Russian language. Russia is amoung the top 3 countries with the highest number of users on Youtube. According to statistics, YouTube is the most popular Internet resource among Russians, generating 4.5% of global traffic. We are ready to provide you with the best Russian voice talents at the best prices.


At Great Voices we have extensive experience in the localization of all the above mentioned languages, as well as in many others. We will be happy to use our accumulated experience to bring your projects to life!

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