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Professional voice over for your video!

Professional voice over for your video!


Why should you order a voiceover for your video with us? Here are four good reasons:

  •  We are the perfect one-stop solution for any video narration project.
    Here you can get the full production process, including audio creation and translation services.
  •  We have a broad choice of professional voice talents –
    more than 2,000 voice actors speaking 110+ languages.
  •  We offer the best rates on the market for professional voiceover services!
  •  And, as you’ve already seen above, when you order voiceover that’s ten or more minutes long, we make one trial minute FREE – even before payment!

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Voice Over For Video

What do you think is more important for the viewer - the visual footage or the accompanying sound? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, because different people perceive information in different ways. Ideally, the video and the accompanying audio should harmoniously complement each other to create a holistic perception from watching the video.The audience will just not buy your video if the voice over is not attractive.

However, do not underestimate the impact of voice over in the world where media information is available in huge quantities. Here are just a few examples: films and TV series, YouTube videos, television programs, e-learning videos, social and corporate videos, animation, commercials, computer games and TV ads. After all, this is truly the widest scope!

Sometimes, the video voice over itself becomes an independent product, for example alternative translations of famous films by some creative recording studios.

You might already know that a "live" and bright video voice over will not only help you achieve your goal, but also make your video popular and recognizable, while a poor-quality voice over can ruin the viewing experience and spoil even the most interesting video.

Let's look at what types of voice over there are and what purposes they are best suited for.


Types of Video Voice Over

For ease of understanding, we have divided the available information into different types of voice over according to the same criteria



Description - Dubbing the lines of each actor in the frame. The lip sync technique is often used (Lip sync - synchronization with the lips of the speaker).

Specific features - The most complex and demanding type of video voice over when the dubbed lines should correspond as much as possible to those spoken in the frame. The original audio track is removed.

Creation "from scratch" - The voice actor must follow the lips of the dubbed actor. At the same time, professional acting is required from the voice talents – the viewer should have the impression that the actor speaks in the voice of the voice over artist. Only really skilled voice talents can dub videos well.

Localization / translation - The translation is performed in a special way so that the text matches as much as possible the original - both in terms of length and the words used.

Use - Feature films; in videos, when voice recording is created separately from video recording; in educational videos, when the recorded audio track is not suitable for online streaming.

Cost - The most expensive type of voice over, not all voice actors have enough skills to record it.


Standard Time-Sync Voiceover

Description - The actors' lines are dubbed, but often the same female voice talent voices all the female characters, and the male voice actor records all the male characters.

Specific features - No bright acting is required as in lip sync - we can hear the tone of the original and see how the person in the frame speaks. Small differences in the length of the lines with the original are allowed, the original audio track is muted, but it can be heard.

Creation "from scratch" - Rarely used.

Localization / translation - The length of each translated line is important, but it is approximate, not as accurate as in lip sync. A more accurate translation of lines is required only in dialogs.

Use - Non-cinema films, TV series, interviews, and news.

Cost - The average cost between lip sync and voiceover translation.


Voiceover Narration

Description - The narration is conducted in the third person behind the scenes, the voice artist talking about the subject of the video.

Specific features - There is no binding to the character in the frame. The original audio track is muted.

Creation "from scratch" - If the audio track and video footage are not logically connected, voice recording is performed at a convenient pace for the voice actor. When it is necessary to voiceover the information displayed on the screen, it is important for the VT and sound engineer to monitor the synchronization of video and audio.

Localization / translation - The length of the translation must correspond to the entire length of the video, or the length of the video fragment that is currently being described off-screen.

Use - Corporate videos, documentaries, educational and demonstration films, elearning videos.

Cost - The cheapest relative to time-sync voice over and dubbing.


Professional Video Voice over Services

Using Time Coding

For voiceover of videos, it is optimal to use time coding – it is an approach when a script is prepared in away that the voice actor understands how and when to read a particular line. Timecoded script indicates the spoken text, the beginning and end of the line, its timing, the emotions with which it is pronounced, and other specific features that will help the VT to best record the required phrases. Timecoded script can go down to each word or sentence, or maybe an entire paragraphs of the text, depending on the selected type of voice over narration.

Small example of a timecoded script:


00:00:01 -> 00:00:02

MaxEnergeticallyHi, my name is Max.
200:00:02 -> 00:00:08MaxWith dramaYou think your parents are tyrants? Listen to my story and you'll see what family tyranny really is!

In fact, timecode script is the main working material for the voice actors, it helps to adjust the speed of the pronounced lines, intonation, allows them to "get used" to the image of the voiced character. In some cases, the speed and tempo of the finished recording can be adjusted using special software, but we do not recommend doing this too often, because possible distortions may ruin the quality of the voiceover.

The time code is needed not only for the voice over artist to record the voice, but also for the sound engineer to edit the audio track and video footage. When localizing a video in the case of translation into foreign languages, the time code is necessary for a high-quality translation, which will then be voiced over by a native voice artist.

Options of working with a timecode

In the studio, when recording voice-overs, a professional voice actor can use different techniques for working with a timecode:

  1. First, read the entire text, and then check with the time code, and what goes beyond the time frame, then read the text again.
  2. First, read each line, checking it against the time code, and immediately reread it if it goes beyond the runtime.
  3. In the case of lip sync, each line is read separately and immediately checked with the timecode and the script. After all, every false intonation can spoil the whole impression of the voice-over.


Presentation of material to achieve the goal

It should be noted that the goals of different video materials are different - for example, the task of an educational video clip is to convey information as clearly as possible, and of an advertising video is to interest the client and encourage them to purchase a particular product. In contrast, a children's animated film should create a special mood, entertain the child and make its characters memorable and beloved.

With the high-level proficiency in providing voice over services, our professional voice talents will be able to create the best voice over for any type of your video – whether it's commercial video clips or a feature film.


How to avoid possible problems in video voiceover

How to voice over a video in a professional way? Often our customers don't have a clear understanding about how to put a voiceover on video so that the final result is really perfect. We would like tell you about some challenges that you may encounter when ordering a voice-over. The main and most common problem is a mismatch of the audio and video footage. With the wrong timecode, a mismatch of a line at the beginning can lead to complete desynchronization at the end. To avoid this, we suggest ordering the service "Checking and synchronizing the text to match the video clip". This way you can be sure that the video footage and audio tracks will match.

Also, on our website there is a free service called "Chronometer". With it, you can check the timing of text lines in advance and adjust them accordingly, if required.

The second common problem is a discrepancy between the VT's pitch and your idea of how the line should sound. Such situations can be eliminated by preparing clear instructions to the voice artist in the form of a description and a specific sample of the delivery of the material. If you have no idea what the voice-over should look like, we can record one or more trial versions for you. The service is provided free of charge if the total voice-over of the video is more than 10 minutes.


The voice-over process in our company

If you have not yet decided where to voice over your video, we will tell you how the process is organized with us.

To voice a video, you usually need to complete certain stages of the work, which may vary depending on the type of a voice over and the required result.

  • Creating a timecode. You can prepare it yourself and provide it to us. The text should be written in a way that the voice actor can understand (you can see an example above), be readable and without additional adjustments. If it is not available, we can prepare it based on the video clip you provided.
  • If you need a translation of lines, you can also order it from us or provide it in a ready-made form. We have professional translators on our staff, they can accurately translate the text into any popular foreign language.
  • The choice of voices for voice over is extensive – you can choose a voice talent from our voice bank. If you order a voice over with the length exceeding 10 minutes, we will provide you a sample of a 1-minute recording in your chosen voice.
  • Voice over recording. One or more of your chosen VTs will record the voice-over together with a sound engineer. In doing so, they do not need to be in the same studio - we have a well-established recording process so that they can be located in different parts of the world.
  • Synchronization of the timecode with the video. The sound engineer adjusts the recorded audio to the video footage. If you perform this step yourselves, we will give you the voice over file, and it will be recorded as a single piece without any pauses and positioning.
  • Mixing a soundtrack means combining all recorded voice actors and adding some sounds, namely music and other sound effects. This step can be performed by us, or we will provide you the files as a "raw" audio track.
  • Final editing-mixing with the video. The final audio track is mixed with the video. You can also order this service from us or perform it on your own.


The cost of video narration

How much does video narration cost? How much do you need to pay to buy a professional VO for your video? The price consists of several components: the recorded timing of lines, the number of voice actors and their popularity, the presence of additional services such as translation and proofreading, editing and processing. We approach each project individually, so we can calculate the cost of voice acting for you and choose the best option for your video clips.

Voice over recording is a painstaking process and takes from one to several days. If you require an urgent voice over, we can provide such a service to order


Ordering Additional Services for video dubbing

When recording a voice over, we can provide you any of the aforementioned services, but you will get the most effective result if we do it "turnkey". We have extensive experience in all types of voice over, so we approach the process holistically, performing work at each stage, we understand how this can affect the final result.

We will help you to:

  • Create a timecode as convenient as possible for the voice actor, translator and sound engineer.
  • Accurately translate your text into more than 60 foreign languages.
  • Choose skilled voice talents whose voices are best suited for your characters.
  • Check the recorded audio and sync it to match the video.


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