Professional voice over services in Liverpool!

Professional voice over services in Liverpool!

Professional voice over services in Liverpool, from simple voice over to one-stop package solution for your project!



Edited voice over in English (for orders over 10 min) - $27/1 min.
Edited voice over in English (for orders over 60 min) - $11/1 min.
Turnaround time: 1-3 days


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Voice over services in Liverpool

Voice over services in LiverpoolAre you in search of an agency that will help you to convert your audio files from your native language into English? Then you are at the right place because we have a professional voice talent bank that you are looking for. We have the best actors that know how to deal with any projects that require acting or simple narration. Whether your require our services to record documentaries, Audiobooks, audio and video files for internet usage, infomercials for events, commercials or advertisements just name it and you will get the best voice over based on your instructions.

We have been working in this sphere for many years and know everything about voice over field. All our talents are reliable experienced professionals and they will ensure to provide you the best quality work. Our studios can boast the latest recordin gequipment and gadgets as we strive to deliver the best end product. All the files will be tested by our bilingual supervisors. We will deliver the final job that will meet your expectations and requirements.

Who might need VO services in Liverpool

Regardless of your business, having a native speaker at your service is a key factor to produce a spotless voiceover recording. It will help you to grow to a new level of success. In order to grab the attention of different groups of audience you might need diverse types of voice over.

Here is the list of some options that you can get from us:

•​ Male and female voices

•​ VO recorded by real boys or girls

•​ Senior voices

•​ Radio voice talents

•​ Video game characters

Why Great-Voices studio is the best place to order VO in Liverpool

Great Voices studio is one of he oldest VO agencies in Liverpool. We have a well-established studio to serve all our customers. Our clients trust our services and they are highly satisfied with the projects that we have accomplished for them. You will love the fact that we are always ready to negotiate the rates according to your requirements and budget.

If you need more information about our agency, you can visit our website. The online form is available on the site. Please fill it out mentioning the most important details of your project. Our experts will come back to you to know more about your needs and to provide a quote within an hour or much faster. We proudly offer our customers voiceover in over 70 languages so you will surely get what you want.

Africaans voice over
Albanian voice over
Arabic voice over
Armenian voice over
Azeri voice over
Belarusian voice over
Bulgarian voice over
Chinese-Mandarin voice over
Croatian voice over
Czech voice over
Danish voice over
Dutch voice over
English voice over
Estonian voice over
Farsi voice over
Finnish voice over
French voice over
Georgian voice over
German voice over
Greek voice over
Hebrew voice over
Hindi voice over
Hungarian voice over
Italian voice over
Japanese voice over
Kazakh voice over
Korean voice over
Kyrgyz voice over
Latvian voice over
Lithuanian voice over
Macedonian voice over
Norwegian voice over
Polish voice over
Portuguese voice over
Romanian voice over
Russian voice over
Serbian voice over
Slovak voice over
Slovenian voice over
Spanish voice over
Swedish voice over
Tagalog voice over
Tajik voice over
Thai voice over
Turkish voice over
Turkmen voice over
Ukranian voice over
Uzbek voice over
Vietnamese voice over
English-Chinese accent
English-Japanese accent
English-New Zealand
Spanish-Latin American
Male child
Female child
Female voice
Male voice

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