Professional voice over services in Bristol!

Professional voice over services in Bristol!

Professional voice over services in Bristol, from simple voice over to one-stop package solution for your project!



Edited voice over in English (for orders over 10 min) - $27/1 min.
Edited voice over in English (for orders over 60 min) - $11/1 min.
Turnaround time: 1-3 days


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Voice over services in Bristol

Voice over services in BristolMoving your business from your native land might be the biggest decision that you have made. In order to grab the attention of your target customers, you will often need to use the services of a voice over agency. We have been working in this field for many years have the experience of dealing with complex multimedia localisations. We have an endless number of voice talents who know how to dub you original video in English or any of the 70 languages we are working with.

Just name the services that you need and we will deliver the best result. We have a qualified team of actors working in our properly equipped studio. All your scripts will be analyzed prior to the recording session to ensure that the sentences are perfect and there is a proper flow in the paragraphs. Once we are done with voice over recording, our actors will submit the files to the supervisors. They will remove all the errors from the audio. Now the file will go to the editors and they will edit and cut the audio according to your requirements.

We can record a female, male, boy, and girl, child and old man voice for your video. We will help you to convey the emotions that you need to express in your promotional materials.

Who might need VO services in Bristol

We have a long list of clients from various business secors, including but not limited to pharmaceutical companies, entertainment and event agencies, banks, industrial companies and many other organizations that need voice over services to reach out to their target audience in Bristol. You can have the following recording types :

•​ Documentaries

•​ Narrations

•​ Audio and video files for internal company use

•​ Audiobooks

•​ Video games characters

•​ Video commercials and radio ads

•​ Movie trailers

•​ TV shows

•​ VO for events

Why Great-Voices studio is the best place to order VO in Bristol

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best talent choice. We know that only a 100% native speaker can sound really authentic that is why we cooperate only with native professionals. All our actors can boast professional acting skills. Our experts will never compromise on quality and you can rest assured to get the delivery within 24-48 hours.

As a result we are honoured to have established long-term collaboration with many prominent global brands.

We have maintained the highest standards and that’s why we are the best-known company in town. We will customize the rates according to your requirements and project budget. For more information on our services and rates, you can visit our website.

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